Tzaneen Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Successful Year at Annual General Meeting


Tommie Richards of ABSA Leads Tzaneen Chamber of Commerce AGM; Chamber Announces Growth and Future Plans

Tzaneen – The Tzaneen Chamber of Commerce held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 26 January 2026 at the prestigious Hotel@Tzaneen, marking a significant day in the annual calendar of the local business community. The event saw a great turnout, indicative of the thriving business environment in Tzaneen.

Opening and Apologies

The AGM commenced with a solemn yet uplifting opening prayer led by Tommy Richards, setting a tone of reverence and community spirit. The attendees were made aware of several apologies at the beginning of the meeting, the most notable being from the Chairperson, Donovan.

Chamber’s Annual Report by Tommie Richards

In his report on behalf of the Chairperson, Tommie Richards provided a comprehensive overview of the chamber’s activities and achievements in the year 2023. The report was a testament to the chamber’s resilience and growth, even in the face of global economic challenges.

Key highlights from the report included:

  • Positive Growth: 2023 was marked as a year of significant progress for the chamber, reflecting the robust nature of Tzaneen’s business sector.
  • Certificates of Origin (COO): A new initiative was the issuance of COOs, aiding local businesses in international trade. The chamber’s members received preferential rates, with 30 businesses benefiting from this service in 2023 alone.
  • Growing Membership: The chamber’s membership rose to an impressive 65, a sign of its growing influence and importance. Furthermore, the chamber’s association with national bodies like SACCI and SBI positions it as a key player in the broader South African business landscape.

The Chamber’s annual report not only underscored the successes of the past year but also set a positive tone for the future, instilling confidence among the members and guests in attendance.

Chamber’s Activities in 2023

The past year was marked by a series of successful events that significantly contributed to the chamber’s reputation and member engagement. A highlight was the hosting of five successful Luncheons, each event bringing together the crème de la crème of Tzaneen’s business community. These gatherings were not just social events but were instrumental in fostering business relationships, sharing insights, and discussing future growth strategies. The chamber’s report extended a heartfelt thanks to the business community for their unwavering support and active participation in these programs. This engagement is a clear indicator of the vibrant and collaborative business culture thriving in Tzaneen.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the chamber is not resting on its laurels. February marks another significant event on the chamber’s calendar – the annual awards ceremony. This event is much anticipated by the local business community, as it celebrates excellence and achievements within Tzaneen’s business sector. The announcement of this event at the AGM generated palpable excitement among the attendees, reflecting the high esteem in which this ceremony is held. It’s seen not only as a celebration but also as a vital platform for networking and showcasing the best of Tzaneen’s business talent.

Financial Report by Rodney Moore

A key moment of the AGM was the presentation of the financial report by Rodney Moore of D’Archy Herman & Co. Moore’s report was a comprehensive overview of the chamber’s financial health, indicating prudent management and sound financial practices. The report was met with warm approval from the members, a testament to their confidence in the chamber’s financial stewardship. This segment of the meeting was crucial, as financial transparency and accountability are foundational for the trust and confidence of the chamber’s members. Moore’s professional and clear presentation reinforced the chamber’s commitment to these principles, further establishing a foundation of trust and collaboration among its members. This transparency not only showcases the chamber’s fiscal responsibility but also aligns with its goals of fostering a thriving business community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A key highlight of the AGM was the segment presented by Rona, who illuminated the various sponsorship opportunities available within the chamber’s activities. This presentation was crucial, as it opened doors for businesses to increase their visibility and support the chamber’s initiatives. Rona emphasized how sponsorship could be mutually beneficial – providing exposure for businesses while aiding the chamber in hosting high-quality events and programs. Her presentation was not just informative but also an invitation to the local business community to play a more active role in the chamber’s endeavors, thereby fostering a stronger business network in Tzaneen.

Executive Committee Nominations

One of the most anticipated parts of the AGM was the announcement of nominations for the chamber’s executive committee. This segment highlighted the democratic and inclusive nature of the chamber, with members given the opportunity to shape its leadership. The process of nominations was transparent, and the announcement reflected a blend of experienced and new faces, suggesting a balanced approach to leadership and innovative thinking. The nominations were a clear indication of the chamber’s commitment to evolving and adapting, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective in addressing the needs of its members.

Conclusion of the AGM

The AGM concluded on a high note, with a palpable sense of accomplishment and optimism among the attendees. The final acknowledgements served as a testament to the collaborative effort that made the event and the chamber’s yearly activities a success. The closing remarks by Tommie Richards not only summarized the day’s proceedings but also reinforced the chamber’s commitment to fostering a robust business environment in Tzaneen.

Richards emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation among the members for future growth and success. He applauded the efforts of everyone involved in making 2023 a fruitful year and expressed eagerness for the chamber’s upcoming initiatives, especially the annual awards ceremony in February. This positive closure of the AGM reinforced the chamber’s role as a catalyst for business development and community engagement in the region.

The session ended with a round of applause, marking not just the end of a successful meeting but the beginning of a new, promising year for the Tzaneen business community. The atmosphere was one of renewed energy and enthusiasm, with members looking forward to participating in and contributing to future chamber activities and initiatives.

Hotel@Tzaneen Menu Highlights

Following the formal proceedings of the AGM, attendees were treated to a mouth-watering lunch prepared by Hotel@Tzaneen, which was not just a meal but a gastronomic experience. The luncheon featured a Spanish theme, offering a diverse array of dishes that tantalized the taste buds and provided a delightful culinary journey. Highlights of the menu included:

  • Lamb Korma Curry: A rich and flavorful dish that was a hit among attendees.
  • Rare Roast Beef Roulade: Expertly prepared, offering a perfect blend of taste and texture.
  • Calamari Salad: A refreshing and light option that was a favorite for many.
  • Beef Koftas: A savory delight that added a robust flavor to the spread.
  • Pumpkin Quinoa Salad: A healthy and tasty choice that was appreciated by health-conscious guests.
  • Baklava with Ginger Infused Cream Cheese: The dessert was a showstopper, ending the meal on a sweet and memorable note.

This culinary spread not only showcased the hotel’s exceptional catering abilities but also provided an excellent setting for informal networking and relaxation after the formalities of the AGM.


As the AGM of the Tzaneen Chamber of Commerce concluded, it was evident that the event was more than just a meeting. It was a celebration of the past year’s achievements, a platform for planning future endeavors, and a testament to the vibrant spirit of Tzaneen’s business community. The chamber, under its capable leadership and with the support of its members, is poised to continue its role as a key driver of business growth and development in the region. The anticipation for the chamber’s future events and initiatives was clear, indicating a strong and forward-looking business community in Tzaneen.

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